BIG Local Plan

The Partnership has developed their plan in 2013 this covers a series of themes and identified priorities. It was agreed in the April 2013 meeting of the Partnership that each theme identified. It was recognised that these leads would not work alone but coordinate working groups and research and report that back at the Partnership meeting. Some of the themes should work together on certain issues and the Partnership group will underpin all themes and be cross-cutting support/discussion and decision making group.
The identified priorities are:
  • Communities Together
  • Employment, Training & Enterprise 
  • Local Business Development 
  • Tourism
  • Access to Services 
The Partnership is keen to learn and delegates have attended BIG Local national events and spoken to other BIG Local areas in the North East region and beyond. Other organisations have also been identified to offer support and information, including the local council regeneration team and several housing associations.
Karl Reeve,
6 Dec 2016, 03:08